Out of Reach


Spring is spent

And I repent


I’ve grown to be


Where olive trees grow

In the absence of snow

Distant below, they’re aglow 


Righteous voice

Speaks in my ear

Of early times

A souvenir 


Young lushly care free

Roamed through youth blindly 



Now as we fall, out of reach 

We must hold up our

Own body’s weight 

As our mothers have done


Friends I meet 

Or so to speak 

Lost for words 

My core is weak 


Oh, maps that I followed 

Have led me astray 

Though safe at home, couldn't stay


Passion waits

On empty plates

Love it fades

But never breaks


Lucid but dreaming

Free but I’m scheming 




When our parents had us sister

Guarded so we were

How they walked us through the street 

And read us literature


Back then I wish that I was older 

Now I wish that I was young






You look for safety

In this love we found

But you’re doubtful 

At every turn


So, how can we find

Some peace of mind


You ask for answers 

That I cannot give

You expect me

To be someone


I cannot be

I cannot be



Why don’t you listen

Why don’t you cry

Dear you oppress me

Open your mind

Honest depiction 

We’re wasting time

Uncertain love

Mend this divide


You lose perspective 

On the things you feel

Rush to actions

You can’t undo


Try to explain

How I’m to blame 


You look for reasons

Why we shouldn’t stay

Then you want me to 

Prove instead


How love won’t fade 

How love won’t fade












Sturdy Thoughts


Sturdy thoughts I have had in the past

But it passed such a long time ago

Now they rest uneasy and all change so fast

Quiet like rain drops I know they won’t last


Fortunate she was, who held me so tight

For the first time to marry, I thought that I might

But then that all crumbled, she left me to cry

The lesson I learned, was to say goodby



Don’t tell me I told you so

Don’t wait up if I don’t show

Don’t hold my body so near

Don’t whisper sweet things in my ear

I’ll be sorry because I should be

Even though she means nothing to me

Though her heart is true and her ways are kind

I won’t look back as I leave her behind


So I try my best to be worse than I feel

And I try to make sure that her pain doesn’t heel

I’d rather be lonely and unfair to look

Then to live in the preface of a well known old book






























How well I remember 

That time far and tender

When safety was easy to find


How lovely it felt 

To be young and be held

By the ones who were truthful and kind


Now time it has passed 

And the ground’s moving fast 

And the safety once had is to be found



So I hide myself

From time and space

I try to hold

To my young age


My mother has said

There are things you forget

Like a song that you used to know


The people you’ve left 

And the time that you spent

And the ways that you failed to grow




Maybe we can hold on

To this sweet memory

Of when we weren’t so worried

About who we’re gonna be

Who we’re gonna be






















I see your face

I hear your voice

I think of words

To end this


Two years have passed us by

Things weren’t easy but they weren’t so hard

Now I search for cautious words

That would sweetly put you down

Sweetly put you down


Weight’s lifted off

We say goodbye 

And I hold words back

That would lead us to cry


I hurt her so

By telling the truth 

About how 

I feel for somebody new


I’m sorry I chose honesty

Instead of compassion


Two years have passed us by

Things weren’t easy but they weren't so hard

Now I simply bide my time

Till our paths become untied

























Possessive Love


She said a crush was of no harm

And if I couldn’t understand

How their relationship was so defining of our own

My hands are shaking

I can’t see


I try and contain myself

And believe in illusion

Ignore all the questions

I shouldn't ask

she wouldn’t answer



Raise my voice

Can’t fall asleep

I wait for you

To love me still


Broaden my mind in hopes of peace

Rethink the ways I see her face

The expression of attraction airs my memory

Of fearful love

How hard I’ve held it

And still do


I limit your heartedness

And I ask you to love less

Not knowing that when 

I seize you close

Push you far

























Dear father, you’ve sunken my fate

This wind has blown past

My wish for a clear farewell

Now, I have grown do worn


Afraid, alone in this bed

My heart throbs with pain

It’s silenced my head

And so, I’m fading slowly


Dear mother, I miss your embrace

Your hands on my face

Lights off to your words, I know

I’ll see you so soon